Every James Bond movie has one, Celine Dion lent her voice to one of the most popular of all time, Eminem has an Oscar® thanks to his, Soundgarden recently did it for the first time in 15 years, and Destiny’s Child, among countless others, have also got in on the action.

We’re talking movie theme songs. And Will Smith, who just made his return to the big screen in Men in Black 3, is no exception. The Fresh Prince made two Men in Black songs huge hits – “Men in Black” and “Nod Ya Head (Black Suits Comin’)” – as well as his theme of the same name for Wild Wild West

But for MIB3, Smith relinquished theme song duties to Pitbull, opting to focus on the trip his Agent J takes back to the 1960s and all of those aliens

Appropriately titled, the Men in Black 3 theme song, “Back in Time,” is still one of the most downloaded songs on iTunes and, according to Billboard, went up on the Hot 100 (from 16 to 14) and Hot Digital Songs (11-7), making “Back in Time” Pitbull’s 10th top 10 on the that chart.

As the movie itself closes in on the $400 million worldwide box office mark, “Back in Time” is getting plenty of airplay on radio stations nationwide.  The Seven Sees went behind-the-scenes with Pitbull for the song’s music video.


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